It’s Not You

A screenwriter comes up with a new idea for inspiration.

Status | Complete

Duration | 12 mins

Format | DVD / Vimeo

Release | 2011

Screened at the Blue Mountains Film Festival, Katoomba NSW, 2011.




Sam | James Carrick

Laura | Amelia Beau Kaldor

Ed | Lap Phan

Melanie | Elizabeth Daniels

Laura’s Friend | Renee Lindsay


Cinematography | Bastien Chapignac

Camera Assistant | Matt Mortimer

Continuity & Production Design | Georgia Kite

Sound | Richard Smith

Hair & Makeup | Rebecca Batti

Edited by Andy Fernandez

Executive Producers | David Allsopp, Peter Binns, Rob Woods, Andrew Lim, Shaun McKean

Produced by Henry Richardson

Written & Directed by Dan Binns

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